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    Jim & Marian Jordan star as Fibber and Molly McGee, holding down the home front in these war-year episodes.

    Fighting the battle of Wistful Vista involves volunteering for the Red Cross, dealing with shortages, contributing to scrap metal and war bond drives, and sending letters by keeping an eye out for spies and an ear out for patriotic songs performed by The King's Men.

    Determined to do their part, the McGees even take in munitions-factory worker Alice Darling, played by Shirley Mitchell, as a boarder. Housekeeper Beulah, played by Marlin Hurt, is always on hand along with regular supporting cast members Gale and Virginia Gordon, Bill Thompson, Arthur Q. Bryan, Ransom Sherman, Isabel Randolph, and announcer Harlow Wilcox. Includes 20 digitally restored and remastered episodes.

    Episodes include: Mileage Rationing 12-01-42; Mrs. Uppington Joins the WACs 01-19-43; Looking for Skilled War Workers 02-16-43; The Washing Machine 03-30-43; Indian Fighter Uncle Sycamore on Radio 04-13-43; A Dress for Molly 04-20-43; Black Market Meat 04-27-43; Fibber's New Barometer Indicates Snow 05-11-43; Rent the Spare Room to War Worker 10-05-43; Commission for Nitney's Daughter 10-12-43; Fibber Buys a Diamond Ring 02-01-44; Homemade Ice Cream 02-08-44; Handwriting Analysis 02-15-44; Fibber Makes a Radio Speech for the Red Cross 03-07-44; My Old Mandolin 03-21-44; German Spy 04-18-44; Radio Quiz Show 12-12-44; The Diamond Stick Pin 01-02-45; Shampoo 01-16-45; Fibber Is in Charge of War Bond Concert 05-22-45.

    ©2015 RSPT LLC. All rights reserved. (P)2015 RSPT LLC. All rights reserved.

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