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    Determined to track down the men who left another to die, Ferd Wallace ranges the long hills in search of answers. Unprepared for what he finds, the young deputy from Biders Clumps must find a tender strength to earn the trust of those in need of his help and still put a mystery to rest. 

    Constance Jupiter, is struggling to keep her Abuelo alive as influenza wracks her tiny home and has little strength left to combat the invasions of her quiet world. Alone and frightened, she is unwilling to trust the word of a stranger who’s only goal is to help, resisting until it’s almost too late. 

    Can a stubborn determination and an overpowering will find compromise long enough to protect the one they have both learned to love, or will disaster, danger, and past deeds create an insurmountable abyss that dooms them all?

    ©2018 Danni Roan (P)2021 Danni Roan

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