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    New to essential oils and not sure where to start? Got a starter kit but afraid to even open it?

    There is a gap between purchasing essential oils and actually using them confidently. You’re fearful of wasting what is in the bottle because you don’t know what you are doing. You don’t think oils will stack up to the products you have used for years. You are worried about using them incorrectly. You wonder if oils can actually make a difference for you and your family.

    Meet Sarah Harnisch: best-selling author, certified aromatherapist, mother of five, and passionate oiler. Sarah has experienced the pain and challenges of serious health issues and knows the fear of stepping out and choosing natural solutions. In this audiobook, you’ll hear her story of suffering from chronic migraines and learn the steps she took to build wellness and a toxin-free life for herself and her family.

    Sarah’s story will inspire you, and her simple, direct approach to essential oils will equip you to begin to make healthy changes in your lifestyle and get the most out of those little bottles of oil.

    The reality is that most of us fall somewhere between the crunchy enthusiast that sleeps on bamboo sheets and eats leaves and nothing else, and the fast-food dining connoisseur who lives in a chemical cesspool. Most of us want to do better for our families - but we aren’t sure what that looks like, or if we actually have time. It seems like the information out there would take a lifetime to learn. It’s overwhelming. When we get oils in our hands, we love the idea of them, but aren’t sure what to do with them.

    That is where Fearless comes in.

    In this audiobook, you’ll learn:

    • what chemical overload does to the human body
    • why oils are the starting place to natural health
    • how to develop a mindset where you reach for oils first
    • what the biggest learning curve is with oiling (and how to overcome it)
    • how to try new oils each day with purpose
    • why oiling is serious and not a fad
    • the most effective form of topical oil application
    • how and why to use a diffuser
    • the fastest way to double your oils collection
    • what it means when an oil has been approved for internal use (and how use them safely)
    • where to place oils on your body
    • how to use oils for emotional support
    • the Simple Swap: a room-by-room checklist to kick toxic chemicals to the curb
    • 10 challenges to get you oiling every day
    ©2017 Sarah Jill Harnisch (P)2017 Sarah Harnisch

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