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    The writer of many useful mental health guides says that anxiety, fear, and shame can paralyze us if we don't understand these feelings. But we can become unparalyzed by being proactive, speaking up, thinking positively, and being alert to negative feelings about the self that impose limitations and inhibit healthy interpersonal behavior. Negative emotions can be used to clarify our experiences and promote self-understanding. The key is not being on the defensive and developing more productive and self-affirming emotional patterns. Few guides to emotional functioning have the depth of understanding offered by this therapist, who seems as knowledgeable about the workings of the psyche as she is about formulating real-world coping strategies.


    Unhappiness, says best-selling author Harriet Lerner, is fueled by three key emotions: anxiety, fear, and shame. They are the uninvited guests in our lives. When tragedy or hardship hit, they may become our constant companions.

    With stories that are sometimes hilarious and sometimes heartbreaking, Lerner takes us from "fear-lite" to the most difficult lessons the universe sends us. We learn:

    • How to have the courage to speak, act, and show up when we are anxious and afraid
    • How to deal with the fear of not being good enough and the shame of feeling essentially flawed and inadequate
    • How to stay calm and clear in an anxious, crazy workplace
    • How to manage fear and despair when things fall apart
    • How "positive thinking" helps and harms
    • How to be our best and bravest selves, even when we are terrified

    No one signs up for anxiety, fear, and shame, but we can't avoid them either. As we learn to respond to these three key emotions in new ways, we can live more fully and move into the future with courage, clarity, humor, and hope. Fear and Other Uninvited Guests shows us how.

    ©2004 Harriet Lerner (P)2004 HarperCollins Publishers, Inc.


    "Conversational and often witty." (Publishers Weekly)
    "Superb insights." (Library Journal)

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