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    Volume 5 of this popular series consists of the following stories: 

    "The Books of Beasts" by Edith Nesbit
    "Prince Sneeze" by Henry Beston
    "Kind Little Edmund" by Edith Nesbit
    "The Plate of Pancakes" by Maude Lindsey
    "The Castle of Life" by Edward Deboulyea
    "The Glass Dog" by L. Frank Baum
    "The Country Called Nanomia" by Evelyn Sharp
    "The Sea Dragon" by Alan McCall
    "The Professor of Practical Jokes" by Evelyn Sharp
    "Revenge of the Fireflies" by Abbie Phillips Walker
    "Snow White and Rose Red" by The Brothers Grimm
    "Jean Mailin and the Bull Man" by Louisa Bontemps
    "The Marvelous Dog and the Wonderful Cat" by Henry Beston
    "Circe's Palace" by Nathaniel Hawthorne
    "The Boy Who Wanted More Cheese" by William Eliot Griffis
    "Oh" by Nicolas Shebresky
    "The Princess Eglantine" by Constance Harrison
    "The Stuffed Alligator" by Frank Stockton
    "The Wise Girl" by Miroslav Lukin

    Public Domain (P)2018 Jimcin Recordings

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