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    Father Peyton of the Holy Cross Fathers wanted to inspire his country with a radio program. Footing the expense of the show himself, he arranged for some of the biggest names in radio and film to donate their services, and for a network to provide the broadcast time. The series that resulted featured heartwarming stories for audiences nationwide. The commercial breaks were filled only with an earnest, non-sectarian appeal for family prayer, reminding listeners that "The family that prays together stays together."

    The eighteen episodes presented in this collection - comedies, dramas, and adventures - entertain; invite thought about foibles, faith and family; and feature an amazing array of stars including Natalie Wood, James Cagney, Tyrone Power, Bob Hope, Ozzie and Harriet Nelson, Jim and Marian Jordan, Jack Webb, and Jack Benny, among many others. Includes a Program Guide by William Nadel that traces the history of this unique series in facts and pictures.

    Episodes include:

    • Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye 06-05-47
    • Advice to the Lovelorn 10-30-47
    • Once on a Golden Afternoon 06-10-48
    • The Short Career of Dexter Coles 02-08-50
    • The Golden Touch 01-17-51
    • Grandpa's Marvelous X-Ray 11-28-51
    • The Red Head 02-20-52
    • Curtain Call for Genesius 01-30-52
    • The Big One 03-12-52, Burden on the Family 03-19-52
    • Journey of the Pegasus 09-30-53
    • Last Run 06-17-53
    • The Martians and the Coys 11-11-53
    • A Different Drummer 02-17-54
    • UFO 10-13-54
    • After the Ball 04-27-55
    • Summer Replacement 12-01-54
    • The Bid was Four Hearts 08-08-51
    ©2011 Family Theater Productions (P)2011 RSPT LLC

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