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Fate reaches across time to bring them together. Can love bridge their differences?

Allison Sutton isn’t the sort to take risks. She’s a nurse, so she’s seen exactly where risk-taking can lead. But she leaves her comfort zone to visit Scotland with her sisters and then takes a further leap of faith when one of them insists they jump from a waterfall that’s supposedly enchanted. To her amazement, the jump brings her back in time, to the 14th century, and she comes face to face with a strapping Highlander who looks as if he’s stepped out of her fantasies.

After his brother betrayed him, Brann MacKay has gone out of his way to display his prowess. Which makes it all the more embarrassing when he saves a slip of a lass from a crowd of men, only to earn a kick to the bollocks for his efforts. Even so, Brann is taken with the brash beauty. Allison is like no lass he’s ever met, and he quickly realizes why. She emerged from the enchanted pool on his land. She wishes to return to her own world, but her knowledge of healing makes her indispensable to his people - and he quickly realizes she is indispensable to him. 

Being with Brann makes Allison reconsider her stance on risks, but can a modern woman be happy with a medieval man?

This is the third in the Enchanted Falls Trilogy. 

The Enchanted Falls Trilogy follows three sisters as they find love after falling through time. Each book can be listened to as a stand-alone, but the stories are linked. 

Book one - Falling for the Highlander by Emma Prince 

Book two - Falling for the Knight by Cecelia Mecca 

Book three - Falling for the Chieftain by Keira Montclair

©2019 Keira Montclair (P)2019 Keira Montclair

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