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    First comes charm, then comes love, and now...manipulation? 

    Are you dating someone you thought was the most charming person you’d ever met, only to recognize major negative changes in their behavior and the way they treat you? 

    Every relationship has its ups and downs, but when it begins to affect your happiness and self-identity, that’s when alarm bells should be ringing. 

    Although only 0.5 to one percent of people have narcissistic personality disorder, it’s still very much possible to be stuck in an abusive relationship with a narcissist, even if they can’t be medically diagnosed with this condition.

    In Falling for a Narcissist, you will discover:

    • What red flags to look out for in your relationship indicating that you may be dating a narcissist, as well as guidance through what your next step should be
    • How to leave a narcissist for good without putting yourself at risk in the process
    • The key to embracing a victim-free life after recovery, even if you currently feel as if you’ll never be able to completely heal from the past
    • Ordinary mistakes people make when dealing with narcissists and how to avoid them to protect yourself from their manipulation
    • The most important aspect of recovery that you need to focus on before dating again, smoothing out possible hiccups in the future
    • And much more...

    If you’re holding on to your current relationship because you’re afraid you won’t find anyone else, then you’re doing yourself more harm than good. Now’s the time to cut loose ends and secure a future that fully supports your well-being and happiness. 

    If you want to break free from the cycle of narcissistic abuse and rebuild your life based on what you want, then you need this audiobook today!

    ©2020 Carmen Moss (P)2020 Carmen Moss

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