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The Blue Dragon's Geas
Sprecher: Kevin Ryan
Spieldauer: 10 Std. und 24 Min.
Regulärer Preis: 25,95 €
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From the appearance of a mysterious egg to the onslaught of a vicious storm, Alador must now decide when to move against his Uncle. How will he protect Rena's egg? Can he save people from a storm of his own making, from the winter before? Can he really eliminate the well-entrenched High Minister, who also happens to be his uncle?

This last task must be done...or he will fail his Geas given by the Blue Dragon. Failure of a major geas only ends in death. Alador is fairly certain attempting to remove his uncle will also end in death.

Which death will our young hero choose? Or will he surprise them all and complete the Geas, releasing him from a predestined path he would have never chosen?

©2017 Cheryl L Matthynssens (P)2018 Cheryl L Matthynssens

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