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    Welcome to the third volume of the Puzzled Parent series! This is by far the hardest book I've ever written. It covers all the topics that are really difficult to talk about. 

    In this audiobook, I offer guidance on how to prepare a care plan for a dependent child, in the event of a primary caregivers passing, bullying, isolation, the seizure monster that often comes with having autism, and so much more.

    The first half of this book is heavy, I won't lie. It's raw and real, with nothing held back. The second half is lighter and more uplifting. This book is unique from my first two volumes because it revolves around the one thing that made me the strong fighter and advocate I am today: ice hockey. I have done my best to relate the sport to parenting/care-giving, which was really fun and definitely helped break down the heaviness of the whole. 

    I hope this audiobook helps everyone who listens to it - may you be a parent, non-parent caregiver, therapist, aide, teacher, family, friend, or simply a person who wants to understand more - to help others in the community.

    God bless.

    ©2019 Randi-Lyn Miller-Gol (P)2020 Randi-Lyn Miller-Gol

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