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    Smith Wigglesworth has been known as the "Apostle of Faith" due to the mighty signs and miracles that followed his ministry. He demonstrated the true potential that the child of God has and showed the world the power of simple faith in the Word of Christ.

    Faith That Prevails: The Expanded Edition includes the classic Faith That Prevails book along with additional Smith Wigglesworth material such as:

    • Praying for the Sick
    • Temptation Endured
    • The Place of Power
    • Dare to Believe God, then Command!
    • ...and more

    This book is a wonderful piece of literature for the man or woman seeking the abundant Christian life that Jesus died for. May the stories and wisdom contained in this book encourage you to greater works in the name of Jesus Christ!

    The Lord bless you richly

    ©2017 GodSounds, Inc. (P)2017 GodSounds, Inc.

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