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    Someone once quipped, "little drops make a mighty ocean". This self-explanatory anecdote goes to show the power of consistency. Its' truth can be applied to every sphere of human development. Thus, you can apply this principle to habits and how important they are for a fulfilling existence. Simply put: When you commit daily to the development of excellent habits, you eventually improve the quality of your life in the long run. 

    However, while forming great habits is good and fine, the motives for doing so are equally critical. If you set out to improve your life simply to spite someone else, you end up tainting whatever results you obtain in the end. Hence, what seems, on the surface, to be success will be anything but. 

    In this book, we remind you again of the power of great habits. Beyond that, this book teaches you about the things that truly matter. Hence, you learn the right motives and explore the right route while looking to incorporate great habits for an enviable future. This book is for those who have a commitment to excellence and self-development. If those sound like things that interest you, then you are on the right track. Listen on to know more!

    ©2021 Joe Julian (P)2021 Joe Julian

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