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Exquisite Interior Design with Clodagh

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Top Dog Radio talks with Clodagh, an Irish-born interior designer and leader of the green design movement, Karen Fisher, founder of Designer Previews and renowned “Design Matchmaker”, and Evan Galen, a leading New York-based architect and designer.

The three experts in their respective fields discuss how to best meet the needs of new customers - especially those with very specific demands who “have more money than time”, and finally, the secrets of “learning what you’re looking for” and “working from the inside out”. Clodagh also discusses an issue that is becoming far more commonplace in today’s economy - working from home - and the importance of building a “healthy environment that works for you”. Far too many of the tens of millions of Americans working from home haven’t prepared for themselves the proper working environment. The trio also illustrate that size doesn’t matter, and that small and medium sized business owners don’t necessarily have to own the largest corporation to make a big impact on their industry. Take it from these three experts. They’re living proof of that.

Top Dog Radio features exclusive interviews with legendary business leaders, sharing their inner-most secrets on financial and personal success. Top Dog Radio is proud to showcase their expertise to entrepreneurs all over the world who want to learn leading business strategies and maximize their potential.

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