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    Ever wish you had a local who could show you around? Someone who would steer you in the right direction without boring you to tears about how wonderful it's going to be? Someone who sees the value in letting you discover and experience things for yourself?

    Welcome to the Yellow Cat Explore Series. We believe that half the fun of seeing a new place is discovering things for yourself. We’ll tell you the basics, but we won't bore you with how great our own experiences were or how amazing you're going to feel. We get you there, then let you truly discover and explore for yourself.

    In this guide to Yellowstone National Park, we’ll give you the basics, but after making sure you can find your way around the park, have a place to stay, as well as food and gas (and bear spray), we’ll help you truly explore the park’s geology, history, prehistory, wildlife, plants, and people.

    For example, did you know that there was a major earthquake (7.5 magnitude) near the park in 1959 and afterwards a dozen or so bears came into the Old Faithful Lodge for refuge? Servers had to walk around them to serve meals. (See the section on the Hebgen Quake.) Our guide has lots of interesting facts you won’t find elsewhere. And who else has an in-the-field expert (Bison Walker) who’s spent their entire life in the park?

    Our writers, who we prefer to call guides, are people who know each national park intimately. Some are ex-rangers, some grew up in the area, and some simply fell in love with a particular park and decided to spend as much time there as possible. Our guides are exactly that, guides, people who help you see what's there through your own eyes, not theirs. In addition, they often share stories and facts that are known only by insiders.

    Join us in exploring legendary Yellowstone!

    ©2019 Yellow Cat Publishing, Marjorie Miller, Maya Kurtz (P)2019 Yellow Cat Publishing, Marjorie Miller, Maya Kurtz

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