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    Acquiring. Accumulating. Collecting. 

    These activities satisfy a primal need to feel secure, safe, and in control. But is this how we envisioned our lives? Spending this much time and money to get stuff and take care of possessions? Or did we imagine a life with more freedom?

    We need things to live well. But owning too much make us unwell in body, mind, and spirit. Owning too much diverts and distracts us from our own unique purpose.

    Decluttering is an excellent goal. However, if we don't deal with the beliefs and anxiety that make us think more stuff equals happier, we'll simply jump back into shopping to fill the void once our home is decluttered. The essence of minimalism is clearing space to follow your own path.

    This book delves into why we buy things we do not need, use, or enjoy. It’s an exploration of how we can replace the false belief that more stuff will make us happier with something deeper and truer. Sometimes our mindset needs an overhaul more than our home organization system.

    Get out of the vicious cycle of shopping, anxiety, decluttering, and more shopping with this guide from the bestselling author of Minimalist Living: Decluttering for Joy, Health, and Creativity.

    Experience Over Stuff focuses on the inner journey first as a way to live a simpler, joyful, and purposeful life that is truly unique to you.

    ©2020 Genevieve Parker Hill (P)2020 Genevieve Parker Hill

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