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    Everything Counts! is an execution strategy for inspiring excellence and driving exceptional results.

    Too many people and organizations are mired in a mediocrity of their own making. They focus their attention and efforts on getting the big things right, but they ignore the little things that often make a big difference. As a result, reputations are damaged, brands diluted, and loyalty is lost by blatant disregard for the small stuff which negatively impacts the customer experience. For years, we've been taught not to sweat the small stuff, but in the real world of business, everything counts.

    Everything Counts is a call to greater awareness and with awareness comes a responsibility to raise the performance bar. It offers a powerful operating philosophy that will steer your organization to reach higher levels of growth, productivity, and performance. 

    From the smallest customer contact to the most minutest details of product quality, the little things add up to a pretty big deal. Serving as the definitive guide on organizational and personal mastery, this audiobook gives you a foundation for unparalleled customer service, superior quality, and consistent performance.

    This audiobook:

    • Provides a proven system for organizing, aligning, and improving all your efforts in sales, service, and performance improvement
    • Shows how concentrating on the small things leads to growth, productivity, personal success, and business greatness
    • Motivates your people and teams to achieve better results on both the personal and organizational level

    Everything Counts reminds us that seemingly small things can make tremendous differences. The purpose of this book is to help you internally define and take ownership of the most fundamental principle behind achieving results beyond your expectations - a single idea with an actionable focus...because everything counts.

    ©2010 Gary Ryan Blair (P)2019 Gary Ryan Blair

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