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    If you've wanted to read Ralph Waldo Emerson but find his 19th-century prose too daunting, help is here....

    In Everyday Emerson, best-selling author Sam Torode (The Dirty Parts of the Bible: A Novel) rephrases the works of Ralph Waldo Emerson in contemporary language. The goal is to make Emerson's wisdom applicable to our daily lives, proving that transcendentalism isn't a relic of the past - it's a way of thinking and seeing the world that's still valid and vital.

    Volume one covers Emerson's path-breaking early lectures, featuring full paraphrases of "The American Scholar", "The Divinity School Address", "The Transcendentalist", and more. It also includes paraphrased excerpts from Emerson's speeches advocating for social reform, the abolition of slavery, and women's rights.

    Sam Torode's introduction and notes provide an overview of Emerson's life and major themes, and explore the relevance of his philosophy today. Everyday Emerson can be enjoyed on its own or as an aid to studying the original works.

    ©2017 Sam Torode (P)2018 Sam Torode

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