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Everran's Bane

Autor: Sylvia Kelso
Sprecher: Jesse Einstein
Spieldauer: 9 Std.

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Beschreibung von Audible

In Sylvia Keslo's fantasy novel, Everran was once the land that fairy tales are made of - peaceful and prosperous, with a beloved king and queen. A dragon has since destroyed all that, turning Everran into a kingdom of ruin. King Beryx, desperate to end this reign of terror, sends Harran to the dragon, and Harran must decide if he will make the ultimate sacrifice to save the kingdom. Jesse Einstein performs with purpose and conviction, giving Harran an appropriate hardiness but also allows for an almost jaunty lyricism that fits Kelso's baroque world-building.


What does the dragon know? The kingdom of Everran is dying, razed by a dragon that came out of nowhere to burn its oil groves and devastate its vineyards and kill its folk. Everran was safe, prosperous, and contented, with peaceful lords, a strong king, and beautiful queen. What has it ever done to earn a curse? But legend says a dragon's coming always has a cause. If no enemy has bespelled the country, is there something wrong in Everran itself? Despite its prosperity and its peace and its royal couple who have not yet had a child? Soldiers cannot stop the dragon. There is no help in Everran's neighbors, and none in legend or history. Why has the dragon come? What does the dragon know? Answering its riddle will explain the ruin of a kingdom-and turn its ruler into something less than human but very much more than a man.

©2005 Sylvia Kelso (P)2013 Audible, Inc.

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