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    I’m an honorable, heroic soldier. I’m a compassionate, dedicated son. But what my body craves is to be an intoxicated, lovestruck fool. Cue Michelle.

    I never knew how desperately my bleeding heart was in need of repair. Until I began to fail everyone in my life, especially my father. The squad convinced me to call in backup. What could go wrong having a nice middle-aged woman keep him company? Nothing. Except she’s a young, beautiful, sexy fire-engine-red-haired woman. A nurse. A lover. Our chemistry is instant, her compassion sweeping through my body as our paths begin to collide in an out of my house. But I didn’t see this coming. Neither did she.

    Drake overstepped his bounds and wore out his welcome. I hate myself for talking harshly to him. He’s hurting as deeply as me. The sudden 911 call stopped my heart, a life on the line. I’m a damn combat medic, but I couldn’t save him. Not this time. I’ll need to swallow my pride and trust God has a plan. Because in this moment, I’ve just lost everything.

    Everett is a steamy, honorable, heartfelt contemporary romance. If you love happy endings where the good guy finishes first, enlist in his squad today.

    Listen to Everett, book two of the new M.E.D.I.C.S. series. That’s an order!

    ©2020 Pandora Snow (P)2020 Janet Marie Luzius

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