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Autor: Dale Stubbart
Sprecher: Alicia Condrey
Spieldauer: 39 Min.

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Everybody has a different notion of what heaven is like. In the heaven where Jane lives, everybody is expected to use The Will to do things. Using The Will, people in Jane’s heaven merely have to think to accomplish anything. They never have to get their hands dirty touching anything.

Jane, though, wants to touch things. She wants to feel them in her hands. And because she refuses to use her Will, she falls from societal acceptance, and then she falls from heaven. But falling from heaven may be her saving grace.

Listen to this book to follow Jane’s story, where she finds her soul mate and gets her name changed to Eve.

Eve is a sci-fi/fantasy version of the biblical story of Eve and Adam. In this version Eve is the main character and no longer a villain.

©Since 2017 Dale Stubbart (P)2018 Dale Stubbart

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