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    A comedy about a time-travelling gardener, guaranteed to make you wet your plants!

    Barry's been patient, but after 27 years of trimming hedges for people he hates, he's had enough. All he wants to do is to find his missing father and to discover his inner ninja. But life’s not done with throwing him curveballs. A fatal mistake catapults Barry into the adventure of a lifetime. 

    With talking hedges, samurai ghosts, meddling psychotherapists, and an inexplicably non-linear time pattern conspiring against him, Barry must do battle to save his hide, unleash the ninja within, and rescue his father from an ancient army, a dark sorcerer, and a raging inferno. 

    Perfect listening for fans of Tom Holt, Terry Pratchett, Robert Rankin, Christopher Moore, or Douglas Adams.

    What is the mysterious Prophecy Allocation Department? 

    Where is The Before and After?

    Even more importantly, Will Barry’s underwear hold out until he has saved the day?

    ©2017 Nicky Blue (P)2019 Nicky Blue

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