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Entrepreneur: Doesn't Your Business Depend On It?

The Mental Shifts You Need to Know Before Taking the Jump into Business
Sprecher: Brian McKiernan
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I think it's important to understand what this book is not. This book is not your business bible. I've produced one of those in the past, outlining recommendations on the topics of marketing, advertising, networking, and all things connected to getting started as an entrepreneur; It is not a book that promises to give you all the answers to every question you could ever ask or a book that attempts to condense 30, 40, 50 years of business experience into one short, easy listen, and it will not provide you with any shortcuts to reaching business financial targets.

There are no promises, no guarantees, and no secret formulas, but within this book I share with you my journey and the issues I have encountered through my experience of setting up multiple businesses. In so doing, I share with you everything I have learned, my learnings, and my understandings in a very simple and honest way, and I will attempt to cover all the mindful aspects that are often overlooked or, worse yet, not covered at all, as they can be deemed unimportant or insignificant in the early stages of setting up a business.

By highlighting these aspects now, I'm hopeful that when they come about, you'll be armed with a better understanding. It may not be now, it may be six months, six years, or even further down the line from now, but these aspects will arise and the questions raised in this book will be asked.

However, with this said, not every aspect or question raised in the following book will be relevant to you, but I invite you to listen, absorb, and accept the information being shared. Listen to the unique connections it makes with you and understand that as humans, we are only the byproducts of the knowledge we give ourselves; and the more we know, the greater our ability to act.

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