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    Do you want to improve your style and speak freely in English?

    Listen & Learn with the "English - Speaking Master" course, which will gradually teach you ready communication patterns that are useful in various situations - both in everyday conversations and during business contacts or oral examinations.

    Why is it worth choosing the "English - Speaking Master" course?

    In order to increase your confidence and speak fluently in a foreign language, you need an appropriate range of vocabulary and stylistic expressions which will make you able to speak without stress in various situations. With the "English - Speaking Master" course, you will learn over 600 useful expressions embracing 44 conversation subjects while the set of 200 exercises will allow you to master and consolidate them without difficulty. So that learning is not difficult, all the expressions are recorded with translations. This is easy and effective learning for everyone!

    What's in the course?

    In each of the three sections, you will acquire new and useful skills:
    • 1. Having a Conversation and Taking Part in a Discussion: you will learn to join a conversation smoothly, express your opinions, present your arguments and interpret data; you will find out how to conduct a discussion fluently, make choices and achieve a compromise.
    • 2. Communication Skills: you will learn to communicate in everyday situations by using formal or colloquial style and discover essential expressions in order to arrange meetings, make a complaint, express your preferences and interests and many other things.
    • 3. Oral Examination Practice: you will learn how to reply fluently and without errors to example examination questions and you will discover typical questions that can be found in oral examinations, e.g. FCE and CAE.
    The E-book (PDF file) contains the full text of the course: expressions with translations, test exercises and answers.

    PLEASE NOTE: when you purchase this title, the accompanying reference material will be available in your Library section along with the audio.
    ©2017 DIM Nauka i Multimedia (P)2017 DIM Nauka i Multimedia

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