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    Theology today is faced with increasing amounts of religious and theological pluralism. What is distinctive about Christian theology? Why do these ideas matter? And the biggest question of all: Who cares? Key aspects of orthodox theology are seen as speculative and irrelevant to "authentic" Christianity and to personal spirituality. These lectures show that key elements of Christian theology ground an integrated worldview and are essential for spiritual formation.

    Engaging Theology: Audio Lectures is an introductory theology series that grounds a treatment of standard systematic topics in the wider context of life and practice and shows the relevance of each doctrine to the church. Lectures treat the essential doctrines of Christian orthodoxy by beginning with a brief and engaging account of the historical situation out of which the doctrine arose or where it played an essential role in the development of the church, showing students that orthodox theology matters and introducing them to most of the key theologians in the history of the church. The heart of each lecture is exposition of key elements of the core Christian doctrines. Ben Blackwell and R. L. Hatchett explore relevance to the modern setting and concerns, including interaction with heterodox and non-Christian faiths. Lectures also point to other problems the church is facing and practical discussions about how each doctrine can be integrated in personal and corporate life.

    Engaging Theology: Audio Lectures is ideal for students and everyday people living in a post-Christian era to help them seriously engage with the Christian faith.

    ©2019 Ben C. Blackwell and R. L. Hatchett (P)2021 Zondervan Academic

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