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    Empathy is the ability to understand the feelings and emotions, trying to experience objectively and rationally what feels another individual - that is, the ability to put yourself in the place of the other.

    Sadness, joy, fear, anger are feelings that we all have ever had. In this audiobook, we will explain to you why it is so important that we foster empathy in children and how to make them empathic. 

    When children are very young, they think that everything and everyone revolves around them. As they grow, they understand and cry when they see that Bambi runs out of mom or laugh if they see a funny movie. That happens because they identify with the characters and emotions of others. That means, they have begun to develop the capacity for empathy.

    If we help them to name those emotions and express what happens to them, they will immediately learn to be empathic - that is, to worry about the needs of others and to be compassionate. Therefore, they will acquire social, fundamental skills to interact with the rest of the people.

    Children learn by our example. If adults pay attention to things that happen to them and let them see that they matter to us and we take their opinions into account, we will surely make them empathic with others. Everyday situations will be the school for learning empathy.

    Imagine that we are at home and Juan, our little neighbor, arrives crying because his dog has disappeared. We immediately went out to the street to look for his pet, and at night we asked our son, "How do you think Juan feels?", we will know right away that the child has empathy because he will feel and show us that he is sad and worried. 

    Empathic children are more communicative because they know how to express their emotions better and have greater self-esteem because they feel safer, so it is very important that they learn to listen and be observant. These and many other topics will be discussed in this audiobook.

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    ©2019 Mary Fisher (P)2020 Mary Fisher

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