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    Have you ever known people who were charismatic, influential, popular, and successful at work and in interpersonal relationships? Have you wondered, with perhaps a tinge of jealousy, "What’s their secret?"

    Could it be their level of empathy?

    Have you ever known people who became too involved in other people’s problems, who could not set limits, and who could not distinguish between their own feelings and the feelings of someone else?

    Could it be their high level of empathy, paired with an inability to guard against the dangers of that trait?

    This audiobook:

    • Defines empathy and explains how it is different from both sympathy and compassion
    • Lists the traits of empathy
    • Explores the benefits and risks of empathy
    • Explains the challenges to increasing empathy
    • Helps you understand how to develop empathy with some simple steps
    • Describes how to apply empathy in different situations
    • Discusses the role of empathy in interpersonal relationships
    • Notes the role of empathy in the work setting
    • Provides suggestions for rearing more empathetic children

    In chapters on codependency and narcissistic abuse, Empath explores what can happen when empathy exists without boundaries, explains how to recognize when you’re in a toxic relationship, and provides suggestions for improving or exiting the relationship.

    The audiobook concludes with suggestions for incorporating eight habits that can make you a happier person.

    If you are ready to enjoy the benefits of empathy without the risks, get your copy today of Empath!

    ©2019 Natalie J. Headen (P)2019 Natalie J. Headen

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