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    The ultimate collection of emotional intelligence audiobooks. Everything you need to know about emotional intelligence in one bundle.

    What separates the great from the good? How are some people able to rise to the top, even when they’re not the smartest or the most intelligent? The answer is emotional intelligence.

    Emotional intelligence is like a secret weapon. The better you understand what motivates you and what motivates other people, the stronger your relationships will be, the more persuasive you will be, and the more successful you will be in business.

    We have gathered together three of the top audiobooks on emotional intelligence and put them together into one money-saving bundle.

    The Emotional Intelligence Mastery: 3-1 Bundle includes:

    • Emotional Intelligence
    • How to Analyze People
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    These three titles will take you inside your own mind and inside the minds of your friends, coworkers, and even complete strangers.

    Inside these audiobooks, you will discover:

    • The psychology of the unconscious mind
    • How to use your shadow to increase your emotional intelligence
    • The best way to identify and understand the needs of other people
    • Understanding emotions
    • Avoiding common mistakes when reading other people
    • What it means to speed-read people
    • How human analysis works
    • How to interpret body language
    • How to understand word clues
    • How to use the two-way mirror technique
    • The best ways to identify your biases
    • To see how people judge you
    • How cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) works
    • Six different forms of therapy and how they compare with CBT
    • And much more

    If you have ever missed out on a promotion, felt like an outsider in a social situation, or wanted to learn more about emotional intelligence, you need this audiobook bundle.

    Instead of getting these three audiobooks separately, you can now get them all together. This is one of the best ways to learn about emotional intelligence and personal development.

    Don’t wait another moment. Download The Emotional Intelligence Mastery: 3-1 Bundle right now!

    ©2018 Tom Shepherd (P)2018 Tom Shepherd

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