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    Discover the importance to change yourself to live a better life. You can improve every day, faster than you think, and you can do it in your free time - in the car on your way to work or before sleeping.


    By listening to this powerful audiobook.

    What it contains:

    1. Mental Models: A Collection of Thinking Tools Helping You to Manage Productivity, Thinking in Systems, to Improve Your Day-to-Day Decision-Making, Problem-Solving and Logical Analysis Skills
    2. Stoicism: The Manual of Ancient Stoic Philosophy as a Way of Modern Life
    3. Master Your Emotions: A Practical Guide to Overcome Negativity Through Emotional Intelligence, Manage Your Feelings with Anger Management Techniques and Declutter Your Deceptive Tricky Mind
    4. Overthinking: The Fast Cure for Women and Men Who Think Too Much and Want to Stop Procrastinating
    5. Covert Manipulation: An Introducing Psychology Guide for Beginners
    6. Dark Psychology: How to Use the NLP Secret Methods of Manipulation for Social Influence, Emotional Persuasion, Deception and Mind Control

    This box set includes more than 50 real case studies, proven tips, helpful tricks, daily practices, inspirational quotes, and a lot of exercises designed for everyone.

    Pay attention. This is not a simple listening, it is journey within yourself.

    Do you want to know more? The key to become leader of yourself is one click away.

    ©2019 David Drive (P)2020 David Drive

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