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    Emotional intelligence is a powerful skill that people can make great use of in their life. From teaching you to stop worrying about the small things to helping you use emotions effectively rather than allowing them to rule your life, Emotional Intelligence: The Key in Digital Age: Master Emotions, Build Self-Confidence, and Decision Making can help you discover the benefits of emotional intelligence and develop this skill in your own life.

    In this powerful self-help audiobook, you are going to be given information about what emotional intelligence entails, the skills that are required to be truly emotionally intelligent, and how you can develop emotional intelligence in your own life.

    You will also get the opportunity to take a quiz that will help you determine your EQ, which will show you how emotionally intelligent you already are. Then, you can use the skill-building section to help you increase your emotional intelligence and derive even more benefits from this powerful emotional tool.

    Emotional intelligence is necessary in an era where social skills seem to be depleting. In the digital age, it is more important than ever before to take the time to intentionally learn how to develop emotional intelligence and use it in your life.

    You will learn that not only are you able to feel better internally, but that you are also more efficient and empathetic when it comes to having relationships with other people in a variety of real-life settings.

    If you are ready to build this empowering skill, develop the ability to make better decisions that benefit both yourself and others, and increase your self-confidence, this audiobook is perfect for you!

    ©2017 Jonathan Wilkens (P)2018 Jonathan Wilkens

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