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    Do you want to overcome stress? Do you want to learn to assert yourself? Do you want to be understood? Do you want to understand other people? These are just some of the concerns that developing your emotional intelligence will address.

    Having a high intelligence quotient may not be enough to achieve success. Psychologists say that emotional intelligence affects performance. It has a huge impact on your professional success. A study conducted by TalentSmart shows that emotional intelligence or IE (popularly known as EQ) is the biggest predictor of job performance. That's because emotional intelligence is the foundation of all critical skills - empathy, anger management, assertiveness, flexibility, accountability, communication, presentation skills, and stress tolerance. Over 90% of the people who are doing well at work also have high emotional intelligence.

    The good news is you can develop emotional intelligence. This book contains practical and easy to follow steps that will help increase your emotional intelligence. In this book, you'll learn:

    • What emotional intelligence is
    • Traits of people with high emotional intelligence
    • Traits of people with low emotional intelligence
    • 21 practical tips that will help you increase your emotional intelligence
    • How to set personal boundaries
    • How to get to know yourself deeply
    • How to increase your optimism and resilience
    • Real stories of people with low and high emotional intelligence
    • 30 empathy statements
    • 100 techniques to help you beat stress
    • And more!

    It's time to get out of the emotional roller coaster that you're in. This book will help you understand and manage your emotions. This book will help increase your self-control, conscientiousness, adaptability, motivation, and trustworthiness. Most of all, this book helps you understand other people more so that you can build deeper and more meaningful relationships.

    ©2017 Ryan James (P)2017 Ryan James

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