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    Can a rogue earl convince a stubborn bookseller their love is worth fighting for?

    Luke St. Clair, Earl of Mayfield, has tired of his empty, carefree life and seeks to find a spouse he can love and cherish, much as his brother and sister have done. Ridding himself of his mistress and lover, he commits to entering the upcoming season with an open mind. Before the season can even begin, however, Luke meets an independent beauty who does more than interest him.

    After Lady Caroline Andrews loses her beloved sister, she decides she needs a change of scenery and travels to Boston to visit her aunt, only to be stranded for three years when England and America go to war. Once the peace accords are signed, Caroline returns to London. 

    Discovering that her father has died deeply in debt, leaving his daughter nothing, Caroline uses an inheritance from her aunt to open her own bookstore and tearoom. Needing to support herself, Caroline declares she will never marry. Falling in love with Luke St. Clair wasn’t in her plans, but Luke is convinced the spirited, independent Caroline is the one for him. 

    Will the rogue with a heart for children persuade the stubborn bookseller that fate demands they wed?

    Each book in The St. Clairs Trilogy is a stand-alone story that can be enjoyed out of order.

    ©2019 Valerie Garnier (P)2019 Valerie Garnier

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