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    Empower yourself, build positive self-esteem, and find your own individuality. Get more out of your life! Embrace Your Self-Esteem will help you understand yourself on another level. This audiobook holds the solution that YOU have been waiting for. Commit to yourself and listen to it now. It will change your life. Embrace Your Self-Esteem is based on 10 years of proven self-esteem research and development at Embrace Health. Its origins arise from a true story, and the case studies are all applicable to real experiences that people have consented to share to continue the commitment to self-esteem research and development. 

    This book provides results and positive life strategies. The comprehensive self reflections and self analyses will allow you to motivate yourself and keep focused to enhance your health and wellness. Learn more about yourself with professional guidelines, leading edge approaches, and innovation at its best to inspire YOU! 

    “Self-esteem is an integral facet to the health and wellness of all individuals.” -Arlene A. Lusterio. 

    The focus of self-esteem development is an invaluable focus that can enhance your life. The book will provide comfort, help you find personal happiness, and will change your perspective; supporting YOU in all areas of your life. It will become a best friend, and provide assistance with transitions in life, validating YOUR own personal individuality. It can make a huge difference in your everyday experience, enhance your clarity, decision making, and motivational skills. Manage your life and stress with perspective. This book will facilitate your success, your approach, and optimize your perspective. You will find your center of gravity in life, and harness the strength and resilience in your everyday life.

    Learn to stay motivated! Think big! Unleash your personal ability to be resilient with conflict or stresses in life. Learning how to identify personal issues that affect self-esteem in a reflective format has a myriad of health benefits. Personal participation in the self reflection and the self analysis will provide an illustrative connection between the subconscious and the conscious mind. This book will allow you to overcome obstacles such as anxiety, depression, bullying, stresses, self doubt, and the list goes on! 

    You will learn how to prioritize your goals, and turn them into reality. You will learn how to be resilient, build positive relationships, and stretch your capabilities and vision. You will develop a more positive self-esteem and get to know yourself better! Nurture yourself and learn to be your own best friend. Approach life from a different perspective. Motivate yourself, find success, and redefine your perspectives. Find the true meaning behind quality of life. Unleash the power of your own individuality.

    ©2018 Arlene Lusterio (P)2018 Arlene Lusterio

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