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    Embody: Learning to Love Your Unique Body (and Quiet That Critical Voice!) brings to life the work of The Body Positive, a nonprofit organization founded in 1996 by Connie Sobczak and Elizabeth Scott, LCSW.  

    This audiobook's message is rooted in the philosophy that people inherently possess the wisdom necessary to make healthy choices and to live in balance. It emphasizes that self-love, acceptance of genetic diversity in body size, celebration of the unique beauty of every individual, and intuitive self-care are fundamental to achieving good physical and emotional health. It encourages listeners to shift their focus away from ineffective, harmful weight-loss efforts toward improving and sustaining positive self-care behaviors. 

    Initial research indicates this work significantly improves people's ability to regulate eating, decreases depression and anxiety, and increases self-esteem - all critical resources that promote resiliency against eating and body-image problems.  

    Embody guides listeners step-by-step through the five core competencies of The Body Positive's model: reclaim health, practice intuitive self-care, cultivate self-love, declare your own authentic beauty, and build community. These competencies are fundamental skills anyone can practice on a daily basis to honor their innate wisdom and take good care of their whole selves because they are motivated by self-love and appreciation. 

    Rather than dictating a prescriptive set of rules to follow, listeners are guided through patient, mindful inquiry to find what works uniquely in their own lives to bring about - and sustain - positive self-care changes and a peaceful relationship with their bodies.  

    Through workshops, lectures, and leadership training sessions, Sobczak and Scott have helped thousands of people of all sizes, ages, sexual orientations, genders, ethnicities, and socioeconomic levels to lead healthier and more meaningful lives by learning how to cherish their unique bodies - no small task given today's barrage of thin images and emphasis on dieting.  

    Embody offers practical tools as well as personal stories to bring Sobczak and Scott's work into one's own life. It is a resource that can be revisited time again while moving through the inevitable changes that come with personal growth. A lifeboat in the sea of messages that demean the bodies of both men and women, Embody is a safe haven for all.

    ©2014 Connie Sobczak (P)2018 Tantor

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