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    Create lycanthropes. Give them elemental powers. Save the world.  

    Jerrell Hawkins has a plan. He’s going to marry Nadine Hartwell, study magic at University, and serve his kingdom in the ongoing war in the prestigious Orichalcum Company led by the hero of the realm. To do this, he needs to obtain a Class. When his plan to create a new, powerful spellcasting class fails, he fears all is lost. Then an enemy sleeper agent burns down his world and Nadine is infected with lycanthropy. 

    But Jerrell’s pursuit of a new Class leaves him with strange, controversial abilities. He can create and bond lycanthropes. What’s more, he’s learning to use elemental magic. Along with Nadine, now his bonded companion, he enlists in the military to enact vengeance for the destruction of their home. 

    Their enemies are numerous, their abilities make their allies uncomfortable, and nothing is simple. Not even the fate of the world, which just might rest on Jerrell Hawkins’ shoulders. 

    CHAPTER 40 UPDATED 9-8-2021.  

    ©2021 Liam Lawson (P)2021 Spectrum Audiobooks

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