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    Once, long ago when I was a pompous rock ‘n’ roll guitar player and Lizzie Delmonico was in a dance crew with Victoria (my girlfriend at the time), Lizzie and I had almost had an affair. We had the kind of chemistry that defies logic. 

    It has been over 10 years. The then-girlfriend has long since become a wife and the mother of my two children. Just when I decide to retire from the rock ‘n’ roll scene to focus on my family, Victoria decides that she has had enough of me. Sadly, she dies in a grisly car accident three days before we are due to sign the divorce papers. 

    It is now entirely up to me to raise my two children, and I realize that it is a far cry from what I am used to. See, I have always been the fun parent. All I have ever cared about was the fun and games. To Emma and Scott, my two kids, Lizzie is Aunt Lizzie, mommy’s friend who is around even more than dad. We are all grieving Victoria’s passing, so it is only natural that she checks up on us all. 

    But what happens in those moments when the kids are put to bed and the adults grab a beer and talk about the old times? Time heals all things, but does it heal attraction?

    ©2019 Sylvia Tara Dyer (P)2019 Sylvia Tara Dyer

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