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    It's a new action-packed and hilarious adventure in the best-selling El Perro con Sombrero series!

    Written in both English and Spanish, the El Perro con Sombrero series has been one of the most popular bilingual books in the world since the first book's release in 2015. We are excited for Pepe to continue his adventures and to share our love of bilingual storytelling and education.

    In this story, Pepe discovers that his owner, little Lucia, forgot her homework assignment and races against the clock to bring it to her at school before the bell rings. However, a gang of mischievous ice cream-loving cats, who call themselves Los Gatos con Gelatos, have other plans for Pepe!

    Please note: This audiobook is in English and Spanish.

    ©2020 Whimsical World (P)2020 Whimsical World LLC

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