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Effective Communication Skills Mastery Bible

4 Books in 1 Boxset (Positive Psychology Coaching Series, Book 21)
Autor: Ian Tuhovsky
Sprecher: Randy Streu
Spieldauer: 14 Std. und 48 Min.

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This boxset includes the most powerful collection of books on communication skills that will help you improve every area of your life, including career and business, social life and relationships. It will quickly lead you to more rewarding and fulfilling relationships, as well as a more successful and enriching professional life. 

Included in this book collection are:

  1. Communication Skills Training: A Practical Guide to Improving Your Social Intelligence, Presentation, Persuasion and Public Speaking Skills
  2. The Science of Effective Communication: Improve Your Social Skills and Small Talk, Develop Charisma and Learn How to Talk to Anyone
  3. The Science of Interpersonal Relations:A Practical Guide to Building Healthy Relationships, Improving Your Soft Skills and Learning Effective Communication
  4. 21 Days of Effective Communication: Everyday Habits and Exercises to Improve Your Communication Skills and Social Intelligence 

Lack of communication skills is exactly what ruins most peoples’ lives.

If you don’t know how to communicate properly, you are going to have problems both in your intimate and family relationships. You are going to be ineffective in work and business situations. It’s going to be troublesome managing employees or getting what you want from your boss or your clients on a daily basis. Overall, effective communication is like an engine oil that makes your life run smoothly, getting you wherever you want to be. There are very few areas in life in which you can succeed in the long run without this crucial skill. Are you ready to unlock your potential and achieve the great success that you deserve?

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