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    The Galaxy may fall.

    But mankind will survive....

    Marooned in deep space, Ryann and Angelique’s only salvation is a derelict Outlander spacecraft. But sometimes it’s best not to disturb a ghost ship....

    New Eden was supposed to be a place of hope, where humanity could hide and rebuild itself after the Luminal invasion.

    Their only hope is secrecy. If discovered, they are defenseless.

    When a group of rogue Outlanders threaten to jeopardize everything they have built, all hell breaks loose. 

    But the real enemy is never far away.... 

    Eden's Mirror is the second book in the Lumina series, a fast-paced space saga that follows Ryann Wade in his coming of age, just as the colonized galaxy faces the threat of an imminent invasion. Action-packed from the beginning. 

    For all of you who love Star Wars, Star Trek, Serenity, Starship Troopers - a great sci-fi epic military space shooter! 

    ©2020 I.G. Hulme (P)2020 I.G. Hulme

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