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    Wiccan spells from secrets of the Wiccan religion: Fill your life with the best kind of magic.

    Wiccan wisdom: Are you seeking more contentment in your daily life? Could you use more abundance, including improved health, greater prosperity, and more love in your life? 

    This charming audiobook will greatly enhance your every day with rites, secrets, and Wiccan wisdom from author Mandi See. Eclectic Wicca pushes past the notion of an aged crone in this audiobook for 21st-century spiritual seekers. Longtime Wiccan Mandi See shows how the path of Wicca can be customized to suit your lifestyle. 

    In her words, “This book is for anyone who has a personal desire to take control of their lives, connect with nature and understand why they do the things they do.”

    Wiccan religion: Brimming with lore from this tradition, Eclectic Wicca explores every aspect of “the good life”, including:

    • How to create an altar as your personal power center
    • Which herbs and plants have properties to heal
    • Celebrations for sabbats and high holidays
    • Everything you need to create your own deeply personal spiritual practice

    Author Mandi See has gathered her years of working with Wiccan craft in this vibrant volume:

    • Wiccan meditations
    • Wiccan visualizations
    • Wiccan spells and incantations
    • Instructive insights covering astrological aspects
    • Phases of the moon
    • Candle-color alchemy
    • Exactly which gods and goddesses to invoke

    Whether you are just getting started or want to add diversity to your spiritual practice, the inspired ideas in Eclectic Wicca will empower you to create a happy life filled with the best kind of magic.

    ©2016 Mango Publishing Group (P)2018 Mango Publishing Group

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