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Eat Sh*t and Die

Radical Rehab for Food Junkies and Sugar Addicts
Autor: David Clark
Sprecher: David Clark
Spieldauer: 6 Std. und 4 Min.

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In Eat Sh*t and Die, best-selling author and weight-loss guru David Clark takes a deep dive into the epicenter of the food-addition crisis. At times funny, others times starkly serious, David delivers the unvarnished truth about why we overeat in his blunt and fearlessly honest style. He makes the case for how the food and the fitness industries have failed us and how today’s food manufacturers conspire to turn us into addicts by hijacking our minds and decimating our bodies.  

But David doesn’t just educate on how we become addicted or placate the listener by offering up a new-age diet plan. Instead, in the Radical Rehab section of this audiobook, he guides the listener through a 10-step ritual designed to reprogram the mind, repair the body, and inspire a complete personal transformation.   

In his third audiobook, Clark delivers with a refreshing message that needs to be heard by all people feeling helpless to change their destructive ways. David has both the resume and confidence required to challenge the listener to take personal responsibility while at the same time displaying incredible compassion for those struggling. Having transformed his own life from bloated 320-pound alcoholic to elite athlete, he understands exactly what it takes to change, and he will not stop until you have everything you need to create a new life for yourself so amazing that you’d have to be an idiot to walk away from it.

©2020 David Clark (P)2020 David Clark

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