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    What’s the secret of the old marble bust Michael is trying to ship off to a distant relative? Will Manfred and Sabine ever escape the doldrums of everyday life and finally go on vacation? What’s a birthday without a cake? Why does Sarah hate superheroes? And what’s wrong with Mrs. Margolis' BMW?

    This book is designed to provide beginners and intermediate learners with real-world conversational German from everyday life: a stroll over the farmer’s market, a neurotic’s trip to the doctor’s office, a brief foray into the arcane mysteries of German train fares, a job application gone rogue, and much more.

    To get the most out of this audiobook, we recommend listening while reading through a paperback or eBook edition of Easy German Dialogues: Fun & Simple Conversation Practice For Beginners And Intermediates and working through the exercises and using included flashcards to reinforce memorization.

    ©2020 André Klein / (P)2020 André Klein

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