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Earth's Last War

Children of Destiny, Book 1
Sprecher: Steve Millikin
Serie: Children of Destiny, Titel 1
Spieldauer: 13 Std. und 29 Min.

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The surface of Earth is dead. The attack had come fast and without warning. Within weeks, even those hiding below ground were gone, hunted by a ruthless enemy. Terrifying radioactive and electrical thousand miles wide superstorms roam the planet, destroying the cities and last vestiges of human existence. The first wave of the invasion had been perfect. 


Six thousand people survived, hidden in a military base deep in the Pacific Ocean. They have but one ship. It is untested, and has never flown. Even with the ship, its commander knows its an unwinnable war. The numbers are too great, the odds beyond calculation. To fight means certain death and the end of humanity. 

And yet, his thoughts and dreams haunt him. The last broken communication from the president, years ago, give him unfounded confidence that mankind still had a fighting chance. 

Today is the day that he learns what it is. It lies far below ground, in an impenetrable chamber. And its awakening.

©2019 Glenn Van Dyke (P)2019 Glenn Van Dyke

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