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Earth Fall

Empires at War, Book 3
Sprecher: Liam Owen
Serie: Earth Fall , Titel 3
Spieldauer: 11 Std. und 39 Min.

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From USA Today bestselling author of The Slaver Wars comes a new military science fiction series.

Fleet Commander Kamuss of the Voltrex Federation is fighting a desperate battle to keep the massive Trellixian Empire at bay. His fleet pushes deep into the Empire facing impossible odds with stiffer resistance in every fleet engagement.

Battle Commander Balforr of the Trellixian Empire has one objective driving him. Destroy Earth and the Humans that inhabit it! He gathers a fleet to accomplish his goal and sets out to destroy the last of the Human race.

Captain Mark Dolan is sent on an impossible mission. With four ships he takes on a journey to the heart of the Trellixian Empire seeking some weakness that Earth and the Voltrex Federation can exploit. He knows that there is a very good possibility that none of his crews will ever see home again. However, the survival of Earth and the Voltrex Federation depends on the success of his mission.

©2019 Raymond L. Weil (P)2019 Raymond L. Weil

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