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Ducker Disdain's University of Toe Snapping

Autor: Dale Stubbart
Sprecher: Jacob Shumway
Spieldauer: 46 Min.

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Ducker went through life snapping his toes. I suspect you think that that sounds a bit gross and it might be a bit painful. And you’re also under that impression that that might be just a little bit too much information. Perhaps it’s something which you’d rather not know.

But snapping one’s toes is very similar to snapping one’s fingers, except that it’s performed with one’s toes. So, it’s not really as bad as it might sound at first. Lots of young children go around snapping their fingers. Ducker just preferred to use his toes to perform this particular fun activity.

And since Ducker really liked to snap his toes. And since snapping one’s toes is very difficult to do while wearing shoes and/or socks, Ducker had a great disdain for wearing either shoes or socks.

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