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Here's an otherworldly science-fiction adventure from Transdimensional Media. Combining the humor and imagination of Ruby, with the pacing of Firesign Theatre, and an imagined world all its own, Dry Smoke and Whispers is a techno-noir drama with a sense of humor, and a memorable cast of characters. Emile Song, an eccentric, intelligent, and telepathic detective is given the task of catching the East End Reaper, a techno-fiend terrorizing the people of Quaymet.

A mysterious extraterrestrial can take out a city block by taking off the dive-bell helmet of his environmental suit. Song and Henchard investigate with a subterranean team of Neon Bowery allies - and discover the infamous East End Reaper is back, in aces and bent on revenge.

©2005 TDM (P)2005 TDM

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