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    Here's an otherworldly science-fiction adventure from Transdimensional Media. Combining the humor and imagination of Ruby, with the pacing of Firesign Theatre, and an imagined world all its own, Dry Smoke and Whispers is a techno-noir drama with a sense of humor, and a memorable cast of characters. Emile Song, an eccentric, intelligent, and telepathic detective is given the task of catching the East End Reaper, a techno-fiend terrorizing the people of Quaymet.

    This is the introduction to the galaxy of Quaymet. Emille Song meets his most deadly foe. Who is he? Where did he come from? No one knows, but he's cutting a swath across the capital, taking out every crime syndicate in his way with deadly and hilarious Hi-Tech. He's dubbed himself "The East-End Reaper". Song takes up the challenge to uncover and stop this self-styled latter-day Napoleon. And along the dicey and casualty-strewn way, Emille is rescued from a back alley ambush by his Agency Partner to be: Professor Durrick Henchard, Weapons Expert.

    ©2005 TDM (P)2005 TDM

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