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    The second stand-alone novel in The Heartbeat series


    Three things are more important to me than anything else: family, baking, and fun. So when I saw Keller Cannon, drummer of LP-45, perform at a charity concert, I knew he’d be the perfect guy to have heaps of fun with.
    It was temporary. No strings attached. A pretty damn perfect arrangement if you ask me.

    Until it wasn’t. Until being with him highlighted just what I was missing.
    But having more wasn’t an option. He made that perfectly clear. 


    Music is my escape. When I’m behind my drums, I’m granted temporary respite from my demons and a small reprieve I don’t deserve. 

    Until Maddie. Maddie is a distraction I can’t afford and crave at the same time. I drown in her, and she breathes life into me. She offers peace - the comfort and promise of a life free from the torment. But I don’t deserve her. And I can’t need her like I do. I just can't.

    ©2020 Ryleigh Sloan (P)2020 Ryleigh Sloan

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