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    Good news: Solstice is alive!

    Bad news: Dragonrider Academy is under siege by wild dragons.

    Solstice has been on a journey of his own trying to find me in this realm. I’ll have to get the story out of him one day of how he managed to survive long enough to find me. For now, we need to figure out how to get these wild dragons out of our realm.

    My plan? We lure them to the Human Realm where reinforcements are waiting.

    Oh, and maybe we’ll burn Max Green’s house on the way. Win-win.

    Dragonrider Academy: Episode Four is the next thrilling installment of Vivi’s journey to becoming a dragonrider and figuring out her fated mate bond with Killian!

    ©2021 A.J. Flowers (P)2021 A.J. Flowers

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