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    They say don’t count your dragons before they hatch....

    I never did like to listen.

    Killian thinks I’m making a huge mistake, but my heart chose this egg...even if it’s lifeless. The hollow shell has the faintest echo of a heartbeat still inside and my magic as a dragonrider called to it, setting a bond in place.

    Bonds can be broken, but I refuse.  

    There’s no question. This is my dragon, and I’m going to save it.

    Even if I die trying.

    Dragonrider Academy: Episode 3 is the next thrilling installment of Vivi’s journey to becoming a dragonrider and figuring out her fated mate bond with Killian! This episode includes an epic battle, followed by a field trip back to Earth to take care of Max Green! 

    Episodes are short installments ranging from 10,000-20,000 words. Episodes are released every two months, so be sure to scroll up and buy yours now!

    ©2020 A.J. Flowers (P)2020 A.J. Flowers

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