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    Bradley Anderson, known as Dr. Sadist, is a master of torture and a veteran director of snuff films at Deep Red Pictures - a studio owned by a sadistic entrepreneur, Mr. Snuff. He is paid handsomely for his work, he owns an expensive, secluded home, and he lives with a loving family. The problem? He loves his family, and he can’t stop his once-buried conscience from reawakening.

    When he hesitates to murder a group of trespassing teenagers at Deep Red Pictures, Bradley is targeted by his employer and his employees. He is attacked in the most brutal way possible, and his life is destroyed. But he survives. And he’s ready to exact his revenge.

    From the author of Mr. Snuff and Grandfather’s House, Jon Athan brings you into a criminal underworld full of opportunity, lust, and extreme violence. Are you ready to star in your own movie?

    WARNING: This novel contains graphic content. Listener discretion is advised.

    ©2018 Jonathan Sixtos (P)2019 Jonathan Sixtos

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